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Wentworth Student Storage

Wentworth Summer Storage

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Storage Squad’s Core Principles:

Positive attitude
Our company culture is built around maintaining a positive attitude at all times. Moving and storage is notoriously a sweaty, stressful, and difficult task – we make it as fun as humanly possible and it all starts with our mindset.
Begin each interaction with yes in mind
Customer service is our top priority! Our goal is to get to the core of each customer’s needs. This does not mean making false promises – it is simply a new way of framing situations and responding to requests. If we cannot accommodate a request – we direct our customer to a solution instead of sending them off in the dark.
No unfair fees
You won’t find a ridiculous fee attached to your bill at the end of the day. We believe in fairness and efficiency and we work with our customers to achieve it.
Approach-ability and professionalism
Our employees are clean cut, well dressed, and professional.
Problem solving
Here at Storage Squad, each problem is viewed as an opportunity to find a great solution and make a great impression. Many customers come to us with unique needs or requests – our goal is to be phenomenal problem solvers who save our customers from headaches and inconveniences.
We realize it is not fun to deal with a grumpy person. It’s a fact that people feel happier, more comfortable and in overall better moods while dealing with people who smile. One hundred smiles a day keeps the doctor away!
We approach each situation with excitement and eagerness to help. We realize that each interaction with our customers is an opportunity to brighten their day with a memorable moving experience.
Storage Squad only hires professional individuals who are also genuinely friendly people. We want our customers to feel comfortable, happy and valued.

One flat rate per item. All summer or semester.

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For a list of items we cannot store click here.

For a list of additional fees click here.


For a list of additional fees click here.

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For a more complete list of our Frequent Questions, please refer to our Customer Knowledge Base.

General Questions

Why should I use Storage Squad?
How big is the Mega Box you deliver for free?
How does your storage process work?
How does your shipping process work?
Where can I see your availability and appointment options at my school?
Where do you take my items?
Can I come visit your warehouse?
Is your facility climate controlled?

Pricing and Payment

How does your pricing work?
How do your prices compare to other companies?
How do I pay and what payment methods do you accept?
How do I get price estimates on unique items?
Are there any additional fees?
Do special appointments outside of your standard windows cost extra?
How do I estimate my shipping costs?
How long do I have to pay my invoice?
Is there a fee for boxes or to reserve my appointment?
Is there a fee to cancel my service?

Box Delivery Info

How do I get the empty boxes and tape?
Where can I see your box delivery appointment options at my school?
What if I can’t make my box delivery appointment?
What if a box delivery location is too far from me?
Can you deliver boxes to an off campus location?
Can you bring the boxes directly to my room?
I plan to store my own boxes and items. What if I do not need boxes delivered?

Storage Logistics

Can you store furniture or unboxed items?
Is there anything that cannot be stored?
Do you protect my items before moving them?
How does the pickup and delivery service work?
What is Main Entrance Service?
What is In Room Service?
Do I have to be present during my box delivery, pickup, and delivery?
Can you pickup or deliver to an off campus location?
The storage pickup windows or delivery dates do not work for me. What do I do?
I am only available during part of my pickup time slot. What do I do?
When will you arrive during my pickup time slot?
How do I change my appointment(s)?
Can I sign up for your service at the last second? Is there a fee?
Is there a weight limit on the boxes?

Delivery Logistics

When can I expect my delivery on my delivery day?
I don’t know when I will be arriving on campus or where I will be living. What do I do?
How do I change or update my delivery information?

Shipping Logistics

How much does shipping cost?
Are there items that I cannot ship?
Can I ship electronics?
Are my items for shipping insured?
Do you protect my items for shipment?

Insurance and Item Protection

How does the insurance work?
How do I purchase insurance?
Are there any items that cannot be insured?
Are there any limits on insurance?
How does item protection work?
Please note that we are able to do pickups and deliveries outside of our standard windows below. Additional dates can be found on our Sign Up Form. Dates listed below are the most popular dates for your school.

Affordable Pricing!
Only $37 for storage of our Mega Box (24″x18″x16″).
All prices include free box delivery, free pickup, storage for the entire summer, and free redelivery.
Refer friends for free storage!
Each person you refer to Storage Squad earns you $10 off your order with us!
wentworth Summer Storage

Climate controlled facilities!

WIT summer storage and shipping

Friendly and competent employees!