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About Us
Our Story

Storage Squad was founded by Cornell University undergrads Nick Huber (left) and Dan Hagberg (right) during the late spring of 2011 in Ithaca, NY.

The first storage season, which took place the summer between Nick and Dan’s junior and senior academic years, the duo operated only at Cornell and learned the ins and outs of starting a business. With optimistic attitudes the two then spent their senior year breaking down the traditional student storage process and seeing how they could make each individual step better. They learned how to build a website, purchased a truck, and created the now infamous Mega Box (provided free of charge to all customers). The next season Nick and Dan recruited a few high school friends and family members to help run branches at other schools including Indiana University and the University of Illinois.  

Since then, Storage Squad has grown to service students at 34 schools in 9 states and 17 cities! The company has also recently launched a moving company in Boston and a self storage facility in Ithaca NY.

We take tremendous pride in our focus on quality service and affordable pricing.  The company is constantly evolving so we can continue to offer a product that is superior to the competition in more ways than just pricing. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to serve your storage needs and are lucky to do something we love each and every day!

Nick Huber - Founder

Nick grew up in the middle of nowhere in Leopold, IN – a town of about 200 people in southern Indiana.  Like Dan, he also studied labor relations and ran track at Cornell, where he was a two time All-American in the Decathlon and currently holds 4 school records. He enjoys making beef jerky, brewing beer, strumming songs on his guitar, rec-league basketball, and bike racing. His wife Michelle, also a Cornell grad, is a registered dietician and professional vocalist. They are expecting their first child, a baby boy, in August of 2017!

Dan Hagberg - Founder

Dan is a city slicker from St. Charles, IL (about an hour outside of Chicago).  He studied labor relations and ran track and field at Cornell, where he was a 5 time Ivy League champion in the high hurdles. He enjoys live band karaoke, skiing, and searching Craigslist for lightly used cargo vans. He loves trips to Germany for Oktoberfest and traveling the country. He dreams of someday opening a brewery filled with hoppy IPAs.

Chris Ritchie - Director of Operations

Chris started out as a part-time driver and warehouse manager working in Boston.  Chris is now at the forefront of our business operations and strives to make both the customer and employee’s Storage Squad experience enjoyable for all. Chris is an amateur stand up comedian whose personality makes him a perfect fit as our “people person.”  Chris grew up with Dan in St. Charles, IL and was an all-state baseball pitcher.  He went on to study business and marketing at Illinois State University.  Chris enjoys playing his guitar and is currently the leader of the Storage Squad Band.

William Van Damme - Northeast Region Director

William first joined the squad as a Student Operations Manager in 2013. He drove the trucks, worked in the warehouse, carried out marketing and provided customer service for the Boston region. William grew up in Bolivia but has lived in several countries. After graduating from Northeastern University with a dual major in Supply Chain Management & Social Entrepreneurship, he was recruited by Dollar Tree Stores. He ran an Order Selection department, consisting of 50+ associates and four managers, at Dollar Tree’s 1.6 million square foot facility in Joliet, Illinois. William joined the team in December of 2015. He is based in Boston, focusing on business development in one of our fastest growing markets. As of 2017 he has taken the lead on developing our moving branch. William enjoys dancing and singing in his spare time.

Tyler Harrington - Chief Technology Officer

Tyler began working with Storage Squad in December of 2015 and quickly set to work building a software suit for the company’s student storage operations. He developed and implemented the scheduling and “track your truck” software that makes our company so efficient and convenient. Tyler graduated from the University of Illinois in 2012 and is also from the suburbs of Chicago. He enjoys skiing, diving, and flipping over huge tires in his spare time.

Storage Squad's Mission:
Treat every customer in such a memorable way that when our interaction is complete, the customer tells someone else how GREAT it was!

Storage Squad’s Core Principles:

Have a positive attitude all the time
Our company culture is built around maintaining a positive attitude at all times. Moving and storage is notoriously a sweaty, stressful, and difficult task – we make it as fun as humanly possible and it all starts with our mindset.
Service title
We are the Southwest Airlines of the storage industry. You will not hear us stress what we cannot do for each customer. Instead, we find out what kind of help each customer needs and figure out how to deliver. This does not mean making false promises – it is simply a new way of framing situations and responding to requests. If we cannot accommodate a request – we direct our customer to a solution instead of sending them off in the dark.
Banish unfair fees
You won’t find a ridiculous fee attached to your bill at the end of the day. We believe in fairness and efficiency and we work with our customers to achieve it.
Be approachable and professional
Our employees are clean cut, well dressed, and down-right good looking people.
Solve problems
Here at Storage Squad, each problem is viewed as an opportunity to find a great solution and make a great impression. Many customers come to us with unique needs or requests – our goal is to be phenomenal problem solvers who save our customers from headaches and inconveniences.
We realize it is no fun at all to deal with a grumpy person. It’s a scientific fact that people feel happier, more comfortable, and in overall better moods while dealing with people who smile.
Be enthusiastic
We approach each situation with excitement and eagerness to help. We realize that each interaction with our customers is an opportunity to brighten their day with a memorable interaction.
Be genuinely friendly
Storage Squad only hires professional individuals who are also genuinely friendly people. We want our customers to feel comfortable, happy, and valued.