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Price Comparison at Wellesley College:

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Storage Squad’s Core Principles:

Positive attitude
Our company culture is built around maintaining a positive attitude at all times. Moving and storage is notoriously a sweaty, stressful, and difficult task – we make it as fun as humanly possible and it all starts with our mindset.
Begin each interaction with yes in mind
Customer service is our top priority! Our goal is to get to the core of each customer’s needs. This does not mean making false promises – it is simply a new way of framing situations and responding to requests. If we cannot accommodate a request – we direct our customer to a solution instead of sending them off in the dark.
No unfair fees
You won’t find a ridiculous fee attached to your bill at the end of the day. We believe in fairness and efficiency and we work with our customers to achieve it.
Approach-ability and professionalism
Our employees are clean cut, well dressed, and professional.
Problem solving
Here at Storage Squad, each problem is viewed as an opportunity to find a great solution and make a great impression. Many customers come to us with unique needs or requests – our goal is to be phenomenal problem solvers who save our customers from headaches and inconveniences.
We realize it is not fun to deal with a grumpy person. It’s a fact that people feel happier, more comfortable and in overall better moods while dealing with people who smile. One hundred smiles a day keeps the doctor away!
We approach each situation with excitement and eagerness to help. We realize that each interaction with our customers is an opportunity to brighten their day with a memorable moving experience.
Storage Squad only hires professional individuals who are also genuinely friendly people. We want our customers to feel comfortable, happy and valued.

One flat rate per item. All summer or semester.

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For a list of items we cannot store click here.

For a list of additional fees click here.

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General Questions

Why should I use Storage Squad?
Storage Squad has a unique approach to student storage. We work WITH our customers and treat them fairly and kindly – no matter what. We do not have unfair fees, and we only hire employees who are enthusiastic and kind. We understand that finding a place to put all of your items is a stressful process – our goal is to make it easy, fun, and stress free! Our team is full of friendly, outgoing, and competent people offering a great service at a great price.
How big is the Mega Box you deliver for free?
The Mega Box only comes in one size – 24”x18”x16” – or 4 cubic feet. It is about the size of four bed pillows stacked on top of one another. View photos of the Mega Box on the homepage of our website!
How does your storage process work?
First, you sign up on our website and choose your appointments. We then deliver packing supplies at no cost to you. Next, we pick up your items during an appointment window you select. When you leave campus, we store your items in our warehouse nearby until you return!
How does your shipping process work?
We can ship any packaged item anywhere in the world via UPS. Items for shipping are picked up on the same schedule as our storage pickups. You can either select to have your items shipped right away or we can ship them at a later date of your choice! Select this service on your “schedule now” form. Get more info about shipping and pricing at www.storagesquad.com/shipping/.
Where can I see your availability and appointment options at my school?
To see our box delivery schedule, pickup windows, and delivery dates, please refer to www.storagesquad.com/schedules/. We typically deliver boxes during the last week of classes, offer pickups during the 7-10 days prior to the last day of finals, and deliver 7-10 days prior to the first day of classes in the fall. However, we can still accommodate dates outside of our standard windows but fees may apply at certain locations.
Where do you take my items?
We store your items in a secure and climate controlled warehouse near your campus. All of our warehouses are equipped with commercial grade dehumidifiers to protect against humidity and mold/mildew. Some customers who store high end materials put their clothing items in a plastic bags before placing them in boxes or suitcases to protect against minor dust or dirt while in transit.
Can I come visit your warehouse?
We don’t allow public access at our warehouse for security reasons, but please contact us if you have a unique situation. We make storage simple by picking up and delivering your items to you so you never have to visit a storage unit again!
Is your facility climate controlled?
All of our warehouses are equipped with commercial grade dehumidifiers to reduce moisture. Not all of our warehouses have automated temperature controls but each is continuously ventilated during summer months.

Pricing and Payment

How does your pricing work?
All pricing is on a per-item basis, and the price of individual items depends on the size of the item. Pricing ranges from $27 for small items (under 2.5 cubic feet) to $57 for extra-large items (5.5-6.5 cubic feet). Our Signature Mega Box, which is about the size of 4 pillows stacked on top of each other, comes in only one size (4 cubic feet) and costs $37 to store for the summer or per term. Both the empty Mega Box and tape are provided free of charge! Please remember that we can only store items which do not need two squad members to carry! Go to www.storagesquad.com/pricing/ to see our full pricing breakdown with photos.

If you would like to get your items picked up or delivered directly from your room there is an additional fee of $20. This charge is for your ENTIRE order, not per item. We will lift everything as long as it is packed and labeled. Remember, Main Entrance service is free if you bring your items outside to us!

How do your prices compare to other companies?
We are the most affordable student storage company in the entire country. Check out the price comparison on your school’s page to see how we stack up against local competitors. We are able to offer these incredibly low prices because we are extremely efficient with our operations and pass these savings onto you!
How do I pay and what payment methods do you accept?
When we pickup your items we use our 4G LTE tablets to create a storage invoice for you. This invoice is then emailed to your address on file within 2 business days. Once the invoice has been sent, you will have seven days to pay online via credit, debit card, or Paypal. We accept all major credit cards.
How do I get price estimates on unique items?
To get a quote on unique items please send a photo to support@storagesquad.com. All items are priced based on size. Pictures help us to provide a more accurate quote! You can check out our standard pricing by visiting www.storagesquad.com/pricing/. Please remember that we can only store items which do not need two Squad members to carry (aside from mattresses and box springs).
Are there any additional fees?
Below are small fees for certain aspects of our service:

$20 – In Room Service (each way)
$10 – Mattress Bags
$5 – Moving Blanket Rental
$5 – Declared Value (per $100 additional coverage)
$25 – Box weighing over 70 lbs
$25 – Unthawed fridge
$39 – Missed/rescheduled appointment within 48 hours notice
$50 – Special 2-Hour Appointment Time Window Requests
$25 + $5 per day – Late payment fee for invoices not paid within seven days
$29 – Special delivery fee (only during non-peak delivery dates)
$35 – Evening delivery fee (3-7pm) (some cases)

Do special appointments outside of your standard windows cost extra?
Special pickup appointments are free if you have four or more items for storage. Special delivery dates cost $29 at most locations. However, we offer many free dates for delivery throughout the summer and before finals! Check your school’s list of standard pickup and delivery dates at https://www.storagesquad.com/schedules/
How do I estimate my shipping costs?
You can estimate your shipping cost at https://www.storagesquad.com/shipping/ You will need the shipping destination, dimensions, and weight of each package to get an estimate.
How long do I have to pay my invoice?
Your invoice will be added to your customer portal within 24-48 hours of your pickup appointment. Once received, you will have seven days to pay your invoice. This invoice can be paid from anywhere using a major credit card, debit card, or Paypal account! After seven days, there is a $25 + $5 per day late penalty for invoices left unpaid after seven days.
Is there a fee for boxes or to reserve my appointment?
There is no fee to get packing supplies and it is free to schedule your appointment! However, additional services such as Room Service, protection, or insurance will be paid within seven days of signing up.
Is there a fee to cancel my service?
If you have not yet received your boxes there is no fee to cancel your appointment. Simply send an email to support@storagesquad.com.

Box Delivery Info

How do I get the empty boxes and tape?
Empty Mega Boxes and tape are delivered free of charge on certain dates at each school. Our crews stop at convenient locations around campus at specified times for about 10-15 minutes and students meet us to get their supplies. You can see our schedule and locations at your school by visiting https://www.storagesquad.com/schedules/.
Where can I see your box delivery appointment options at my school?
You can see the available schedule at your school by visiting https://www.storagesquad.com/schedules/.
What if I can’t make my box delivery appointment?
If you cannot make it to a location on our box delivery schedule you can have a friend meet us or purchase your own boxes for storage.
What if a box delivery location is too far from me?
If you request and store at least 4 boxes and live more than .5 miles from our delivery locations, you can get a special box delivery right to your door. Select “these locations are too far from me” on your scheduling form to set this up. Please note special deliveries may not be possible at all schools.
Can you deliver boxes to an off campus location?
If you request and store at least 4 boxes and live more than .5 miles from our delivery locations, you can get a special box delivery right to your door. Select “these locations are too far from me” on your scheduling form to set this up! Please note special deliveries may not be possible at all schools.
Can you bring the boxes directly to my room?
Unfortunately, we are unable to do so based on time constraints. If you are worried that you cannot carry all of the empty boxes please bring a friend with you!
I plan to store my own boxes and items. What if I do not need boxes delivered?
You can store anything that can be picked up by ONE Squad Member and do not need to request boxes from us! Simply select that you do not need boxes delivered and print labels for your items at www.storagesquad.com/labels/.

Storage Logistics

Can you store furniture or unboxed items?
We can store anything as long as it does not require two of our Squad members to carry! Simply put a label on the side of the item and it is ready to go. All pricing is based on size and explained at www.storagesquad.com/pricing/.
Is there anything that cannot be stored?
Yes, there are certain fragile or dangerous items that we recommend you do not store. These items are all listed in our Terms and Conditions at www.storagesquad.com/terms-and-conditions/. Also, we cannot store items which require two of our Squad Members to carry. If you are unsure, feel free to contact us and send a picture of the item in question!
Spoiler title
When signing up for an appointment, you will have the option to request moving blankets for rental and mattress bags. Moving blankets cost $5/blanket for rental and mattress bags are $10/each. These supplies will be given to you at the same time as your empty Mega Box delivery.
How does the pickup and delivery service work?
Storage Squad offers two options for pickup and delivery. The first option, Main Entrance Service, requires you to bring your items down to us outside your building and is free of charge. The second option is to have your items picked up directly from your room, which costs $20 total. 3-4 days before your pickup or delivery appointment you will receive an email confirming your appointment time. This allows you to track our trucks as our crew falls ahead or behind schedule throughout the day!
What is Main Entrance Service?
Main Entrance Service means pickup or delivery on the side of the road closest to your building where you meet our crew. We let you know exactly when we will arrive with a live updated online schedule.
What is In Room Service?
Room Service means that we pick up all of your items directly from your room! This service costs an extra $20 total each way no matter how many items you have.
Do I have to be present during my box delivery, pickup, and delivery?
No. You can have a friend or roommate meet our crew by giving us their contact information on the scheduling form. We can also drop off your items for delivery without you being present. You will simply need to grant us permission on your scheduling form.
Can you pickup or deliver to an off campus location?
Yes! We can service anywhere within a 10 minute drive of campus free of charge! If you live in one of our major cities and live in a unique location, please send us an email to check if there are any additional fees.
The storage pickup windows or delivery dates do not work for me. What do I do?
You have two options. You can have a friend or roommate meet our crew, or you can set up a special pickup free of charge on a date of your choice (four item minimum storage). Special deliveries for dates that are outside of our standard dates are $29.
I can only be available during part of my pickup time slot. What do I do?
The first option is to have a friend be available at your residence for your appointment. If that is not an option, you can set up a guaranteed two hour window within our time slot for a $19 fee. Please email support@storagesquad.com to set this up!
When will you arrive in my pickup time slot?
We will send you an email the day before your pickup appointment and let you know a precise time for Main Entrance Service and a 1-2 hour window for Room Service. In this email, you will have access to our live updated schedule which will be updated by our crew as they complete pickups and deliveries. As your appointment approaches, you can watch this document to know exactly when we will arrive!
How do I change my appointment(s)?
Your entire order can be managed on our new customer portal. Once you fill out a scheduling form on our website you will be prompted to create an account to manage your appointments, invoices and support inquiries! In the event that you need to change or edit appointment information when your scheduled appointment is less than 48 hours away, send an email to support@storagesquad.com and we will do our best to accommodate your needs!

The deadline for changing your delivery appointment is August 1st for those storing in the summer months. After this date, please send an email to support@storagesquad.com to make changes.

Can I sign up for your service at the last second? Is there a fee?

There is no fee for signing up at the last second! Simply submit a scheduling form and then follow up with an email to support@storagesquad.com to confirm we can fit you on the schedule.

Is there a weight limit on the boxes?
There is a 70 lb weight limit on the boxes. Please make sure to disperse heavy items (books, weights, etc) among several boxes to spread out the weight. Our overweight box fee is $25.

Delivery Logistics

When can I expect my delivery on my delivery day?
Deliveries begin at approximately 9 a.m. and they continue throughout the day. You can request a guaranteed evening delivery (between 4-7pm) for $25. Remember that you can also have a friend meet our crew or give us permission to drop the items off unattended for free.
I don’t know when I will be arriving on campus or where I will be living. What do I do?
If you aren’t sure where you will be living or when you will be arriving prior to signup that is completely fine! Simply select “I need my items picked up, but don’t know my delivery date/location yet” when filling out your scheduling form. Just make sure to enter this information prior to August 1st!
How do I change or update my delivery information?
You can change your scheduled delivery appointment and location by simply logging into your customer portal. Make sure to update this before August 1st.

Shipping Logistics

How much does shipping cost?
Shipping costs varies depending on item size, weight, and its destination. For an estimate of your shipping cost, please use our shipping calculator found at https://www.storagesquad.com/shipping/
Are there items that I cannot ship?
Items which require special protection or shipping methods cannot be shipped by us. For example, large unboxed items such as furniture, tv’s, micro-fridges, and bicycles cannot be shipped in most instances. Items such as bins and luggages can be shipped, however.
Can I ship electronics?
We strongly recommend not shipping items such as televisions, printers, etc. Televisions are not intended to be shipped via UPS ground and will often not be covered by UPS insurance.
Are my items for shipping insured?
All insurance claims for shipments are handled by UPS. If an item is damaged while being shipped by UPS, Storage Squad does not offer any coverage as this damage is out of our control. If you would like insurance on your shipment, please let us know prior to shipping your items so that we can process this along with your shipment.
Do you protect my items for shipment?
Our crew reinforces the outside of each box shipped with additional tape. However, we strongly recommend that all items are prepared and protected by the customer prior to shipment.

Insurance and Item Protection

How does the insurance work?
Each item you store, except for a few fragile items or unboxed electronics, is automatically insured up to $100. You can purchase additional insurance on a per item basis for $5 per increment. The maximum insurance allowed is $400 per item and $1000 total per order. Check out our Terms and Conditions for a list of what cannot be stored. Please consult your homeowner’s insurance or renter’s insurance if you have more valuable items and please do not store items worth more than $400 with us!
How does item protection work?
When scheduling an appointment, you can choose to have mattress bags and moving blankets delivered along with your other packing supplies. Moving blankets can be rented for $5/each and mattress bags are $10 each. Please note if you do not wish to purchase a mattress bag from us you must provide one on your own.
Are there any items that cannot be insured?
There are several items that cannot be insured. Glass or extremely fragile items, particleboard furniture, cash, and jewelry are a few. Please note that the $100 is per item stored, not every item contained with a box/bin. Please consult our Terms and Conditions to see if your items can be insured.
Are there any limits on insurance?
Yes – you can only add $400 of additional insurance to the $100 of included insurance on each item. We also have a limit of $1,000 per order. Please do not store items worth more than $400. Please note that the $100 is per item stored, not every item contained with a box/bin.
Please note that we are able to do pickups and deliveries outside of our standard windows below. Additional dates can be found on our Sign Up Form. Dates listed below are the most popular dates for your school.

Lowest prices in the country!
Only $37 for storage of our Mega Box (24″x18″x16″).
All prices include free box delivery, free pickup, storage for the entire summer, and free redelivery.
Refer friends for free storage!
Each person you refer to Storage Squad earns you $10 off your order with us!
Wellesley College Summer Storage

Climate controlled facilities!

Wellesley summer storage and shipping

Friendly and competent employees!